Dr. Vasile Baltac has a lifelong research and management background.  Born in 1940, he started his long career in information technology as a computer pioneer in the early '1960s and has continued it for almost 50 years in various positions from researcher to high managerial positions in important national IT- related research and manufacturing organizations. He published books and papers on computers, information technology and society, management, digital divide, eReadiness, history of computers, etc. and is university professor of information systems and management, senior member of IEEE-Computer Society and of other professional societies.
Prof. Baltac is now President of the Council of European Professional and Informatics Societies CEPIS  (, Vice-Chairman of World Information Technology and Software Alliance -  WITSA ( and President of the ATIC - IT&C Association of Romania ( ). As president of ATIC he has been involved since 2001 in the successful project for IT skills dissemination under cooperation with CEPIS, known as ECDL/ICDL project. He currently participates at various IT-related national policy coordination projects, and has activities within the European Union, UNIDO, World Bank, as well as of several Central and East Europe regional IT&C initiatives.

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