Paraconsistent annotated logics and applications
Jair Minoro Abe (Brazil)

Automation and Robotics are fields that has growing very fast, theoretically and in applications. Very imaginative theories has been proposed to overcome where classical logic are not suitable; perhaps the most famous is the so-called Fuzzy set theory, as proposed by Zadeh. This talk is destined to present a new non-classical logic, namely the Paraconsistent Annotated Evidential Logic E, which is capable of manipulating imprecise, contradictory and paracomplete informations without trivilialization. We illustrate with some applications in Automation and Robotics with some automated mobile robots showing their specific capabilities. Also we intend to present the Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks and some applications. We think that paraconsistent logical systems are very useful for applications in general opening new ways of applied techniques.