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Signal Processing in Bioengineering
Co-chairs: Abraham Otero Quintana and Carlos Óscar. S. Sorzano

The ensuing advances in the fields of electronics and computer science have meant that the acquisition of multiple types of biological data (body parameters as ECG, EMG or blood pressure, x-rays, topographies, microscopy images, etc), its subsequent conversion into a digital format, and its computer processing have become commonplace tasks. Consequently, there has been a considerable increase in the number of biological data available to researchers. Unfortunately, the development of new techniques of biological data processing, analysis, visualization and storage has not scaled in proportion to the capacity of data acquisition. It is therefore necessary to make an effort to provide computational solutions to take advantage of the large amounts of data available. This filed could also benefit from the development of new techniques and devices for a more cost-effective, efficient and accurate biological data acquisition.
This Special session would deal with all information processing aspects related to computer based digital signal processing in biological systems. Topics of interest would include (but not limited to): Biosignal processing and analysis; data acquisition, normalization, analysis and visualization; biomedical imaging, image processing & visualization; bioinstrumentation and biosensors; health monitoring systems and wearable system; biomedical robotics and mechanics; biometric and bio-measurement; protein structure, function and sequence analysis; computational proteomics; genomics signal processing; DNA and RNA structure, function and sequence analysis; gene regulation, expression, identification and network; algorithms, models, software, and tools in bioengineering; any novel approaches to bioengineering signal processing.


Important dates and deadlines:
April 27, 2009 Abstract and Special Session Proposal Submission Deadline - extended to April 27

May 13, 2009 Author Acceptance Notification - extended to June 10

June 26, 2009 Receipt of Final Paper/Early payment Deadline - extended to July 20
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