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Vision and Audio Sensors in Intelligent Spaces

Vision and audio technologies are increasing their presence in indoor environments, and though they are becoming a promising alternative in the intelligent space concept. The complementary nature of the information provided by both sensor types allow to increase the performance and robustness of complex tasks such as detection, localization and identification of users, robots and objects, and their interaction. The scope of this special session will be focused on, but not limited, to the following topics: sensor array design considerations, audio-only and video-only processing, audio-visual sensor fusion, acoustic event identification, gesture recognition, human and robot identification and tracking, head pose estimation, object recognition, immerse reality, 3D reconstruction, auditory, multimodal human-machine interfaces, audio visual applications in intelligent spaces.


Important dates and deadlines:
April 27, 2009 Abstract and Special Session Proposal Submission Deadline - extended to April 27

May 13, 2009 Author Acceptance Notification - extended to June 10

June 26, 2009 Receipt of Final Paper/Early payment Deadline - extended to July 20
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