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Novel soft computing methods:
Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks, Belief Functions,  Evidence Theory, Evolutionary Computation, Anytime Algorithms, Hybrid Systems, Probabilistic Reasoning, Possibilistic Reasoning, Clustering Techniques, Feature Selection Methods, Adaptive Modelling, Knowledge Discovery Methods, Novel Learning Algorithms. 
Intelligent control systems:
Model-Predictive Control, Adaptive and Optimal Control, Intelligent Control Systems, Robotics and Automation, Fault Diagnosis, Intelligent Agents & Multiagent Systems, Industrial Automation, Hybrid Control Systems.

Computational Intelligence for Bioinformatics and Biomedical applications:
Soft Computing Methods for Biological Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, Mining the Human Genome, Brain Data Analysis and Modeling, Gene Expression Data Analysis and Disease Profiling, Protein Function Prediction, Adaptive Integrated Systems for Medical and Health Applications.   

Optimization and Prediction:
Multi-criteria Optimization, Signal Processing, Time Series Analysis & Prediction, System Identification, Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery, Intelligent Information Systems, Image Processing, Parallel Computing Applications in Identification & Control, Pattern Recognition, Clustering, Classification.

Decision Support Systems:
Intelligent Databases & Information Retrieval, Case-Based Reasoning, Decision Analysis, Dynamic Systems Modeling, Decision Support Systems, Qualitative and Approximate-Reasoning Modeling, Multiple Criteria Decision Aid.  

Intelligent Systems for Signal Processing:
Signal Processing, Speech Recognition, Image Analysis, Video Data Modeling, Diagnostics, Uncertainty-handling, Anytime Algorithms, Sensors, Distributed Measurement, Tool Integration for Better Performance, Virtual Systems, Intelligent Space, Applications